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'An Invitation to DANCE is a dance film installation that has no surroundings, and no notion of time. There are five bodies, five individuals, all existing unto themselves. They cannot stop dancing, that’s what makes them human. They form an autonomous world that follows its own rules where the visitors are invited to join the dance.

An Invitation to DANCE is a study of the cinematographic experience of dance. The final result is a film installation, a dance arena, where visitors are stimulated to relate to their own moving bodies.

In 2015 filmmaker Noud Heerkens initiates the project by starting the research and development of An Invitation to DANCE, in close collaboration with V2_Lab for the Unstable Media. The project is given a new impulse in 2017, when choreographer Loïc Perela, director of photography Richard van Oosterhout and software designer Rob Duyser become involved with the project. The realisation is started in January 2017. The choreography, cinematography and software gradually come together thanks to the variety of film experiments and test installations in presence of audience.

We are currently working hard on the final execution of the installation. To do so, we started a crowdfunding of which you can find all the information if you scroll down this page!

The première takes place on 14 March 2018, during the International Dancefilmfestival CINEDANS in Filmmuseum EYE.
During the festival, An Invitation to DANCE will also be screened as a fifteen-minute dance film in the Cinedans film program Shorts 4. While the installation is a spatial narrative, the dance film distinguishes itself through its dramatic and choreographic storyline

Noud Heerkens: ‘Even as a child, I observed the facial expressions and postures of the people around me from a distance. This usually came from a sense of insecurity. I was hoping to find out what people really thought, so I’d be prepared for what was to come. This fascination for the body and what the body can tell stayed with me. Not just in my dance films, but in my experimental projects and fiction films as well.

Loïc Perela: ‘I aim for the choreography to become merely the carrier of something greater: a sense of shared experience between human beings, being both the performers and the audience members.


Concept and Director Noud Heerkens / Choreographer Loïc Perela / Director of Photography Richard van Oosterhout / Software designer Rob Duyser / Dancers Lisa Kasman - Pauline Briguet - Christiaan De Donder - Fabian Holle - Quentin Roger / Filmmakers Marleine van der Werf - Marieke Wijnen - Rob Willemsen - Jos Meijers - Jeroen Bronckers - Jeroen van ’t Hullenaar - Merijn van den Brand - Matija Pekić - Koen Koopmans / Costumes Ennya Larmit / First assistent Ennya Larmit - Fanny Hagmeier / Still photographer Katarina Jazbec / Catering Vivianne Jorritsma - Lotte Heerkens / Installation construction Noelia Nicolas Caparros - Andela Vidic - Lotte Heerkens - Corine Aalvanger - Eric Patel - Jos Merkx - Daan Muller - Alireza Abbay - Arnold Schalks / Advisors Martine Dekker - Jan Misker - Boris DeBackere - Marnix de Nijs - Michel van Dartel - Kristin de Groot - Lody Meijer - Johan Cuperus / Crowdfunding and website Liza Wolters / Producer Picos de Europa - Noud Heerkens

For An Invitation to Dance we interviewed some of the dancers and crew members about their experience during the filmshoot and their relation to dance, the body and the camera. Click here! to listen to the quotes from Fabian, Jos, Rob, Marleine, Jeroen and Merijn. The full interviews will follow.


An Invitation to DANCE is a special collaboration between various organisations in art and education: Dansateliers and Cinedans offer their network and expertise in performative dance, publicity and the distribution of the installation. V2_Lab for the Unstable Media are involved with software development, testing, and design. The research group "Mensgericht Creëren” (“user-based creation”) of the Centre of Applied Research for Art, Design and Technology at Avans University of Applied Sciences is partner in studying the way visitors viewing the installation behave and experience it.


The research project An Invitation to DANCE is in its final phase. We are eager to start post-production and the realisation of the final installation, which will entail sound design, colour correction and the design and art direction of the museum space. In order to make this a reality, we will need your financial support!

Our goal is to raise 4,000 euros. All proceeds will go toward the execution and presentation of the project. We are accepting donations between 18 December 2017 and 4 March 2018. Needless to say, we are very thankful for any amount received, and those with a Dutch bank account can easily donate using iDEAL. We also offer specific reward tiers that are closely connected to the project. You can read below what these are and you can donate by clicking on the donation button. Beneath the donation options of the rewards, you can choose your own donation amount (min. € 1).

We also greatly appreciate you sharing our project. Your donation, no matter the amount, will contribute to the success of An Invitation to DANCE.

The rewards:

€ 15.00 – You will receive a postcard with a photograph by Katarina Jazbec and a personal thank you note
€ 35.00 - Guided tour with Noud Heerkens at An Invitation to Dance + film ticket for the EYE Cinedans programme (available to the first 40 backers at this level)
€ 75.00 – Avant premiere of An Invitation to Dance + a 10 × 15 cm (4″ × 6″) photo print by Katarina Jazbec from a selection of six (available to the first 25 backers at this level)
€ 150.00 – Dinner on location at An Invitation to Dance with Noud Heerkens and a special guest + a 20 × 25 cm (8″ × 10″) photo print by Katarina Jazbec from a selection of six (available to the first 12 backers at this level)

See below the selection of 6 images which you can choose from when you donate 75 or 150 euros. After donating, please send an e-mail to with your choice.

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